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Information about Turkey

In the Marmara region, the largest province of Turkey in Kocaeli east of Istanbul, Bursa and the Marmara Sea in the south, West Tekirdag, Kırklareli in the northwest, north of the Black Sea, are available. The Bosporus, which connects the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Marmara, stretches from north to south and connects Asia with Europe with two bridges. It is also divided into the valleys of Marmara and the Black Sea.


Historical Structure
There are many historical and cultural savings in the world. They are also a big part of the event in the geography of Turkey where we live today. No wonder that Anatoly is called the cradle of civilizations. With a rich history and a cultural heritage of different cultures, memories will flow into Turkey.
Paradise on earth can be described as a state of Turkey. Three parties are playing in the turquoise sea; the village is an area where Turkey is being avenged. The Turkish people took part in these beauties. It embraces all brotherhood and shows hospitality throughout the world. Love from this country. The most amazing thing in the world, with Turkey, will open the land of beauty. We wish all our people to command from anywhere in the world.


Food Culture – Turkish Hospitality
The Turkish cuisine, which is very diverse, should not be seen as a remote opportunity with its recognition in recent years in this area. The hospitality of the Turkish is one of the most important elements of our recognition in tourism. Tourists who came to our country were highly valued by other tourist values ​​and contributed significantly to the development of tourism. Turkey is the only country where there is much to publish, ready to become the most popular country in the tourism world. It is our duty to recognize these values, to protect these beauties that we have and to be at the forefront of tourism by sharing them with the people of the world.

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