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11 Holiday Region Of Turkey

It’s very different, alternative routes for holidays in Turkey. Gourmet holidays, sea breaks, highland breaks, thermal resorts, sports holidays al If you are looking for a holiday that is a little excited and adrenalin between so many alternatives, one of these areas is definitely for you.

1 – There are Much Place to Walk – Trekking / Lycian Way

The historical Lycian Way extends from the Fethiye district of Muğla to the pupil of the Mediterranean Sea, Antalya. Likya way; With a history of 3 thousand years, it has a length of 509 kilometers. This route, known as one of the longest hiking routes in the world, passes through 18 Lycian cities. Oludeniz, Kabak Bay, Patara, Demre, Finike and Adrasan are only a few of these ancient cities. While some of the roads are close to the sea, some places are about 1800 meters above sea level. A walking route to nature and worth a walk is the Lycian Way.

Let’s not go through. If you are interested in yoga and have come to Adrasan, you can join the meditation groups here, and you can do yoga in the lap of nature with a great view of these groups.


2 – Lost in the Green Nature – Climbing / Kaçkarlar

Kaçkars; It is quite famous with climbing routes and camping areas during this climb. They simultaneous interpretation, one of Turkey’s best camp climbing routes, each step in the sort of beauty that you take, its unique landscape, green, blue, lakes, streams and offers an exciting experience you will never forget with wildlife.


3 – Go Above the Clouds – Paragliding / Oludeniz

Swim in a wonderful sea, slender sand sere lying in the sand next to the wonderful views of Oludeniz from above, looking from the side of the clouds? You do not need a document to parachute from Babadag with a height of 2000 meters. Get ready for an unforgettable experience with the pilots who make tandem in Oludeniz. Let’s not forget; Oludeniz is not just sea, sand, sun and paragliding. You can take part in an activity every day during your 1-week holiday in Ölüdeniz. You can join the ATV safaris, boat tours, scuba diving, ancient city tours, discover more than 80 butterfly species in the Butterfly Valley and especially the famous tiger butterfly.


4 – Immerse yourself in the wind – Kitesurf / Akyaka

Akyaka Gökova region of Muğla, especially the Akçapınar coast address of kitesurf enthusiasts. For beginners, you can study in the courses offered by schools and specialist trainers, and you can become a partner in this excitement by kiteboarding. Note: Kitesurfing is such a thrilling and passionate sport that it can be addictive.


5 – Leave Yourself In The Magnificence Of The View – Skydive / Ephesus Ancient City

In Ephesus, you don’t have to be trained or have a document for tandem jump with skydiving. All you need to do is jump a little courage to jump and contact the company that makes the jump. After a fifteen-minute briefing with the tandem pilot of the package you bought, you can jump from a 4000 meter high plane with an experienced tandem pilot. After a 45-second free fall, you can hop on the ancient city of Ephesus and enjoy an amazing view. When you land on the ground you will never regret this exciting jump. Without forgetting: you do not want to jump; You can also cut your feet by taking part in activities such as tandem parachute, aff training, microlight tour and blue tour by plane.


6 – High Rise to the Peak – Mountain Climbing / Mount Ararat

Turkey‘s highest mountain is Mount Ararat summit scheduled trip 6 nights and 7-day programs. Dogubeyazit, Ishakpasa Palace, Noah’s Ark and Agri Meteor Pit are just a few of the places you will see on this route where you will take the safe steps to the summit of Mount Ararat. With the help of experienced and experienced teams in mountain tours, you can not forget the tour of Mount Ararat is waiting for you. Note: The procedures for the permits of the tour companies to be taken from the relevant places take a long time. Therefore, you must complete your reservation process at least 1 month before the start date of the tour.


7 – Keeping Up With Speed ​​- Jet Boat / Düden Stream

It is only 10 km from Antalya city center. Duden Waterfalls. On the Duden Stream where the waterfalls flow, adrenaline-filled activity awaits you. Jet boats with powerful engines, 80 km per hour. The fastest way to go through the 360-degree turns, sudden maneuvering and postures are experiencing a time of excitement. You can also join the canoeing and rafting activities.


8 – Show Yourself in the Most Rough Course – Rafting / Coruh River

Between May and June there are 4-day and 5-day camping tours, as well as 7-day tours including private walking for the Coruh River and its surroundings. The high high-flow waterfalls and snow melted from the mountains of the eastern Black Sea towards summer feeds Coruh River and Coruh rises in the 5th degree of difficulty in rafting. During the adrenaline-filled rafting tours in the Coruh River, you pass through wonderful canyons and narrow and fertile valleys.


9 – In The Land Of Fairy Tales – Balloon Tour / Cappadocia

Cappadocia is the fairy-tale and romantic land of the beautiful white horses, the most delicious wines, colorful balloons and magical fairy chimneys. You can start a day full of romance with a balloon tour in Cappadocia. The colors of the sunrise, which jumped into a balloon without enlightening the air and accompanied by a unique view of the fairy chimneys, are beautiful enough to make you fall in love with yourself. At the end of the balloon tour you can enjoy a delicious breakfast and then a horse safari. Activities in Cappadocia are not limited to them, of course. You can go trekking, explore the entire area with ATV, or cycle through Göreme and Ürgüp Kızılçukur trails.


10 – History and culture – Sea Kayaking / Kekova

Would you like to go out into the magical world of Kaş’s historic sunken city, Kekova with sea kayaking? By participating in organized canoe tours, you can make every moment of this unique nature journey unforgettable. Hundreds of years ago, this ancient city, which was flooded, was able to reach the fascinating taste of paddling and become a part of the excitement of tracing a lost civilization. Note: You can also reach the sunken city by boat with glass on the ground outside the canoe. Without forget, you can also do tandem paragliding and discover the beauties of scuba diving and underwater world if the weather is favorable.


This is our suggestion: Catch the cable / Manavgat

This facility is located in the Manavgat district of Antalya. Not exactly in the city on the way to Antalya – Manavgat. This is a cable-ski park full of sports and entertainment. It’s a whole other world. On one side you can do wakeboard all day or watch the water skiers sunbathe on the cushions on the side of the ponds. If you’re a beginner, you can study in the private pond and you can be a partner. The property also offers bungalows and some more luxurious accommodations. You can even make wakeboards in the ponds at night, or you can gather around the fire and join the evening entertainment. Note: Not only cable water skiing but also many more sportive activities can take place in the facility, and you can even rafting in Beşkonak, which is about 20 minutes away.

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